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Watch Lopez vs Marquez Live Stream Online

Watch Juan Manuel Lopez vs Rafael Marquez Live Stream: Classic Fistfight to the Finish

Juan Manuel Lopez will once again be in a battle of his career as he defends his belt from a formidable opponent. Rafael Marquez will be stepping on the ring once again to prove to the wehole world that he is the the rightful champion of the world.

Watch Lopez vs Marquez Live Stream this November 6, 2010. This will be held in the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. This is a classic favorite among boxing fans. Mexico and Puerto Rico has long been known to have an intense rivalry when it comes to boxing. They are not the types to back-off in any match, and they are definitely not the type of boxers who just dance around the ring. So expect pure punching power this Saturday night as the two most fearsome fighters in their division go head-to-head in what many pundits call as a fight to the finish.

We can expect nothing less than that from Lopez. As a young champion, he’s got the moves, the speed, and the power to keep up with any opponent inside the ring. Of course, that doesn’t mean he’s invincible. His past fights have shown his strange lack of composure. He could be seen falling down in moments when he could actually show his strength. There are also moments that he would not be like himself inside the ring. Whatever the reasons are, be it an evolving style or a simple lack of focus in his training, he will not be excused in this upcoming fight. It’s either he wins, or he loses. It’s as simple as that.

The same goes true for Marquez. He is an exciting fighter, filled with power and promise. But if he doesn’t pull himself together in this regard, then he will just end up kissing the cold floor of the canvass. But he might just pull it off. His past bouts against two of the most fearsome boxers have shown his indomitable spirit and heart to keep going. Surely he is someone to watch.

You can expect Saturday’s night to be full pack of action as we Watch Green vs Johnson Live Stream and the Lopez vs Marquez Live Stream both available in payperview. This is one night boxing fans should never miss.


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