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National Election Results 2010

2010 National Election Results - Elections to the United States Senate the results are ready and we have the Democrats and the Republican fighting for the positions in the different states of the United States.

Right now the race is close for the Senatorial, Congressional and Governatorial Race both for the republican and the Democrats. In the House of Representatives, 435 seats are up for grabs for the Congressman, 39 Governorships positions and 34 seats in the Senatorial for 6 years terms are available.

National Election Results partial unoffial results as of November 2, 2010 by the

US House: 158 for the Democrats, 50 for Leaning Republicans, and 227 for the Republicans

US Senate: 49 for Democrats, 2 are Independent, 3 Leaning Republicans, and 46 Republicans

US Governor: 14 Democrats, 1 Independent, 9 Leaning Republicans, and 26 Republicans.


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