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Watch ESPY Awards 2009 Live

Brace yourself up to Watch ESPY Awards 2009 Live this Sunday, July 19, 2009 in Los Angeles. This upcoming and entertaining event will be hosted by award-wining American film actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Started in 1993 by the cable sports channel, ESPN, the annual ESPY Awards is made for celebrating life's moments in the sports industry. It is especially meant for giving honor and recognition for the best athletes and teams during the calendar year preceding the given Awards event.

The ESPN ESPY Awards ceremonies are patterned after such famous awards in the entertainment industry as the Academy and Emmy Awards presentations. It has been hosted variously by comedians, television and film actors, and sportspeople. American actor Samuel L. Jackson is the only one to have hosted four times in this event - in 1999, 2001, 2002, and now the 2009 ESPY Awards ceremony.

Awards are classified into different categories namely cross- cutter categories, individual categories and sponsored categories. Under cross-cutter categories are the Best Female and Male Athlete Award which are presented to the female and male sportsperson, irrespective of nationality or sport, contested to be the most outstanding athlete over a given year.

ESPY Awards 2009 Nominees for this year's Best Athlete are as follows: Kobe Bryant from NBA; LeBron James, also from NBA; Jimmie Johnson from Auto Racing and Michael Phelps from Swimming. For the Best Female Athlete, on the other hand, the nominees are: Natalie Coughlin from Swimming; Nastia Liukin from Gymnastics; Maya Moore from NCAA Basketball; Candace Parker of WNBA and Serena Williams from Tennis.

Another exciting award that falls under cross-cutter categories is the Best Team Award. This year's Best Team Award is contended among Connecticut Women’s Basketball, Los Angeles Lakers,North Carolina Men’s Basketball, Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Penguins and Pittsburgh Steelers.

Other awards fall under individual categories which are limited to those individuals or team under a specific sport category and lastly are the awards that fall under sponsored categories. This reflects corporate sponsorship.

Winners of major awards are selected by sport writers, retired athletes, and sports executives and other sportspeople. There are also various award categories on which television fans can vote after seeing film clips of the nominees. Fans from around the globe are allowed to join in an online vote for their favorites in various categories. This 2009 ESPY Awards is expected to be one of the most amazingly entertaining event in the ESPY Awards history. Hopefully viewers around the world can Watch the ESPY Awards 2009 Live Stream online if not watch it for free.

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