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Tutorial Guide for Mawe

This is in response to the post How to Bypass Chikka's 3 SMS Limit from the infamous blogger Mawe of Mawe’s Adobo.

Here, now, read and learn my friend...

“Now, in order to bypass the sending limitation, do not add the person to your contact list. Ignore it if it asks you to add your buddy”

Unfortunately this is not an effective strategy because even if you ignored the prompt; the number will still be stored in your chikka account.

The best thing to do, tested and proven by yours truly is to simply send a message (you can choose to add or not). After reaching the 3 sms limit, find the number or the name in your chikka phonebook and delete it. Then you can send again another 3 sms to that same number before repeating the process.

Just delete the number/name every time you reach the sms limit. As simply as that.

-Bow down and curtsy-


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