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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Victor Ortiz: A Powerful Match

Star Power: Mayweather versus Ortiz is an upcoming boxing match which will be held on September 17, 2011 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a Pay-Per-View event that is available on HBO. On the line in this match is the WBC Welterweight Championship belt that is currently held by Ortiz.

When it comes to boxing, Floyd Mayweather, one of the best. But what will happen if one of the most powerful sluggers comes forward to challenge him? That is something that anyone should watch for, right? Good news for Mayweather fans and critics, someone just did it, in the person of Victor Ortiz.

While there are many pundits and fans who are saying that Mayweather will once again prove that he is still the best in the ring, there are others who are saying that the younger Ortiz has what it takes to bring him down. To start with, he is a powerful slugger. His punches are the stuff that has brought down boxers way bigger and more experienced than he is. He is also an Olympic athlete, able to go against foreign foes and trained to knock down any opponent that faces him with his iron fists. And his chin is another story, which is certainly made of granite. This man may actually be Mayweather’s match.

Now, Mayweather himself may prove his critics wrong, but still, it can’t be helped but wonder if he can still do it. In the first place, he hasn’t been to a fight for a long time now. Talks about a mega-fight with him fighting against Manny Pacquiao fell through, although this has not stopped his promoters and manager in looking for the next big fight. The problem here is that he’s been gone for too long. Will he still dominate the ring? Or will her end up seeing stars once he faces Ortiz?

That is a question boxing fans would love to find out. Come this September 17, two of the toughest fighters in boxing will face each other in the ring. Who will stay standing? Who will fall down? Will power overthrow the experience? Watch the match to get the answer.


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