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Watch Segura vs Calderon 2: The Rematch

Now, there are a lot of speculations floating around as to how the Segura vs Calderon rematch will turn out. Many are saying that this time Calderon will emerge as the victor. He’s got the experience and the skill to outwit any of his challengers, and he’s got the style that pleases the boxing crowd. Of course, Segura is no simpleton himself. Boasting of a 26 wins, 22 of which coming from way of knowckout and only 1loss record. The younger fighter might just have what it takes to wreck the Iron Boys again after he knocked him out on the eight round in their Puerto Rico fight.

Indeed a lot still remains to be seen. The upcoming fight could go either way as both fighters have the advantage over the other. Calderon for his experience, Segura for his explosive punches and confidence for winning the first fight. Although Segura admits that he will not take Calderon lightly. If Calderon’s previous opponents are any indication, underestimation is a fatal mistake. Segura will definitely be using his head inside the ring. There’s no other way to see it. It’s the classic experience vers
us power clash that boxing fans enjoy for its exciting unpredictability.


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