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Watch Super Bowl 46 Live Stream

Watch Super Bowl 46 Live Stream as the two NFL powerhouse collide for a game of the best of the best NFL teams of the year. The Green Bay Packers vs the Pittsburgh Steelers for the NFL Super Bowl 2011.

The Pittsburgh Steelers is one top notch NFL team, they lead the NFC this year and this their third time to make it to the Super Bowl. A chance they should not let pass to grab the golden opportunity to win that precious Bowl. The them have the perfect formula and the lineup to take the glory this year. Head coach Mike Tomlin is sharp as ever coming into this game and his relentless players Troy Polamalu and Maurkice Pouncey sure are unstoppable in the field.

Watch Super Bowl 46 Live Stream
The Green Bay Packers are always underdog throughout the playoffs but they defeated all of their elite opponents. The Packers just press on the gas when the playoff starts and the way they play in the playoffs it is not surprise they will be the favored team to win the Super Bowl.


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