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Watch Eagles VS Cowboys Live

National Football League - Philadelphia Eagles will battle the most dangerous team in the NFL today the Dallas Cowboys.

This is the Wild Card Matchup for the NFL. The winner of this game will move to the divisional round.

The Eagles is an heartbreaking offensive team to watch, their tight-end passes are pin-point accurate and their big plays are very difficult to neutralize. Only they have some defensive problems that are often cause their loss.

The smoking red hot Cowboys are very impressive so far. Making 3 straight victories with their ferocious offense and defense. Quarterback Tony Romo is leading the offensive assaults, making magnificent plays for the team, with Jay Ratliff, Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware knocking opponents quarterbacks on the defensive end.

The two teams are currently tied on standings with 11-5 Win-Loss a piece. The cowboys are eying on their 4th straight win, the Eagles doesnt want a back-back loss.

What team will go to the next round Watch Eagles VS Cowboys Live on ESPN or visit the NFL website to view the game.

Updates: The Cowboys just won the game and there next match up is the Minnesota Vikings. Watch Cowboys Vs Kings Live to see the winner of the divisional Round

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