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North Korea Nuclear Test: Fires More Missiles

North Korea became the first nation to give an official warning to test a nuclear device for detonation on October 9, 2006. During the explosion, some radioactive explosives were reportedly miscarried and there still fragments of questions as to the test was a success or a failed experiment.

Rewinding the time a little, it was in 2005 when North Korea started to open a discussion about its nuclear program and without surprise, Condoleeza Rice, the US Secretary State, immediately acknowledged them as an outpost of tyranny. Months later the declaration, US reportedly suspended its effort to recover the remnants of its servicemen in North Korea. Still, December of same year, North Korea projected to resume its nuclear reactors even without the formal agreement with US.

It was in April 2006 when a two-day meeting was held persuading North Korea to talk again about their failed nuclear program. The results of talk remained unclear but on July fifth of same year, North Korea still launched its the seventh missile despite the denunciation.

2006 - 2008

October 6, 2006- The United Nations Security Council released a statement regarding the request of North Korea to test a deadly toxic device. The declaration said:

“The Security Council urges the DPRK not to undertake such a test and to refrain from any action that might aggravate tension, to work on the resolution of non-proliferation concerns and to facilitate a peaceful and comprehensive solution through political and diplomatic efforts.”

Due to first-ever nuclear weapon test on October 9, US Intelligence found themselves in vigilant position. Tony Show, the US White spokesman, said,

"We expect the UN Security Council to take immediate actions to respond to this unprovoked act."

Agreed by Prime Minister Shinzo of Japan, he claimed the fatal test was unpardonable and pointless. Chinese people argued the act as "defied the universal opposition of international society".

In June 2008, Pyongyang decided to distribute sixty pages of documents detailing their nuclear power means and capabilities and reportedly, they destroyed its Yongbyon’s main atomic reactor the next day. Upon knowing, US removed North Korea from their list of State Sponsors of Terrorism.

The Present

The paranoia didn’t stop there. Currently, North Korea knocked down UN resolution to deprecate missile launch to resume nuclear weapons program. To them, “they will never again take part in such [six party] talks and will not be bound by any agreement reached at the talks." North Korea reactivated its nuclear facilities and was scheduled to test its second nuclear device on May 25.


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